By: James R. White, Jr., Public Safety and Security Consultant

                                               June 25th 2021


Not the Police! They never were the entity meant to prevent crime! The Police are the “Re-active” Crime control entity! They arrest the suspect and bring them to justice… People use to think or/and say; “WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN YOU NEED THEM!?” Understand one major thing here people… the police are almost always at a scene “After-The-Fact”, Very seldom are they there during the act, and NEVER are they there before the act!! CALLING 911 WILL NEVER REALLY PREVENT A CRIME!

     The CRIME PREVENTION ENTITY is the Public, Private and Governmental SAFETY AND SECURITY in place before a crime and terrorist attacks happen, anywhere on earth!

    Remember these facts when you meditate on what this “Article-Title” means… 

“WHO’s JOB IS IT TO PREVENT CRIME?” Sadly, MOST People think it's the POLICE!

#1) The fact that the police has never been in the legal position to “Stand-By” to prevent crime against you or your family… However, SECURITY can if you pay for this service!

#2) The fact that the police powers are controlled by government can change the police actions by the federal, State or Local entities depending on their place in the political scene!

#3) What most people don’t realize is that SECURITY Powers and actions are controlled by corporations in so many ways… That is why you witness some SECURITY will prevent crime and others just document what happen… and report to their corporate heads as instructed by them to do… and in most cases crime is not prevented!

#4) BOTH ENTITIES… THE POLICE AND THE SECURITY ARE NEEDED to complete the “Circle” to decrease the rapid increase in “LAWLESSNESS” worldwide!

The police find it very difficult today to do their jobs in the way that benefit all our communities AND SECURITY FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THEIR JOBS TO BENEFIT NOT ONLY THEIR CORPORATIONS AND WORKERS… BUT THE FACT THAT THE COMMUITIES ARE EFFECTED AS WELL! Corrupt Politics are involved in BOTH Entities!

To conclude, getting rid of the police and increasing the Security entity is going to increase “LAWLESSNESS” as we witness today! There is so much more that could be said on this subject, because the decrease of human morals have everything to do with ALL sides of the crime prevention and 100% Public Safety and Security! Meditate on these attitudes that put a crush on PEACE and SECURTY on earth!