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I support C.A.P.S. to get one of the best, humanly possible, crime prevention for schools, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and Hotels  This is one of the great ways to get the “BEFORE-FACTOR”


Watch my video too….  NO I DO NOT LIKE GUNS AND WEAPONS OF ANY KIND! However now that mankind knows how to make weapons and bombs what do you think would happen if you force people not to have their weapons? You would have a skyrocket in LAWLESSNESS! And that is what is going to happen whether you like it or not!  


 i specialize iN TRAFFIC CONTROL!  I have no desire to put my published BOOK of 2005 back in print but, many have desired to see and read it so I have made it available in PDF format FREE of any charge! It focuses on getting the "BEFORE-FACTOR" to prevent anything from happening like crime, for calling 911 NEVER PREVENTS CRIME and never did!